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Hello, my name is Tay Simmons. Welcome. I am here to talk to you all about environmentally-friendly energy options for your commercial property. When I was building my cabin, I had to consider the various energy options available for off the grid living. Upon creating a list of eco-conscious options, I found my friends and family had great interest for their commercial operations. Since then, I have extended my knowledge about this topic to those looking to improve the energy efficiency of their commercial building. My site will cover all of the environmentally-friendly energy options available today. I invite you to visit daily to learn more.


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Solar Panel Installation Mistakes To Avoid When Going Solar With A New Energy System For Your Home

Setting up a new solar energy system in your home can seem confusing. You've heard all there is to know about going green and saving money, but details about what you'll need for installing solar panels or how much it will cost can be overwhelming.  A lot of people don't know where to start with planning their energy upgrades. You want to benefit from your renewable energy investment and avoid common mistakes. The following solar installation mistakes are some of the issues that you want to avoid:

Choosing DIY Instead of Using Professional Installers

Solar panels are very popular among homeowners who want to reduce their electricity bills and use renewable energy. While DIY solar panel installations could be tempting for homeowners, the solution is not ideal and can lead to problems with the new energy system. While professional solar contractors charge an initial fee, they will be able to offer quality solar panel installation service, which has many benefits over the long run. Solar power services do a complete evaluation of your home to design the system for your specific power needs to ensure you get the most from your investment.

Not Planning for the Solar Energy Project

Planning your solar energy project is, possibly, one of the most important things to do when going solar. It's essential to have a good solar energy system design before you start installing it at your home, and good planning is crucial for the performance of your system. You need much more than just good solar panels, a battery bank, and equipment. You also want to plan for other energy improvements for your home to maximize the benefits of going solar. You might also want to invest in other technologies like wind turbines or solar water heaters (to provide thermal energy for heating).

Installing Panels Where They Get Less Sunlight

Another mistake is not choosing the right location or racking system for panels. The first issue to consider is where the roof has the most direct sunlight throughout the day. If you have a home that gets less direct sunlight, you might want to invest in additional dual-axis rack systems, which adjust with the movement of the sun throughout the day to maximize power production. If this is not enough for your home's power needs, you might need to install additional panels to ensure your system meets your needs.

Not Investing in the Right Solar Energy Storage

Not investing in the right energy storage for solar panels can be a mistake. Battery banks are critical components of solar power systems. They provide backup power when solar panels aren't producing electricity. Therefore, you want to choose the right energy storage system for your solar panels.

A solar system with batteries can store the energy your panels produce during the day, and your home can use your batteries at night or on cloudy days. Battery capacity is measured in kilowatt-hours (kWh), and your batteries must be able to store enough electricity for your entire home. If you have multiple panels, you may need multiple batteries, and that can get pricey. This is still a great investment if it will allow your home to be completely off-grid. If your system is off-grid, you will also need additional converters and other equipment to monitor the performance of the system.

Whenever you invest in renewable energy, making these mistakes can cost you more money, and eventually, you might need to start from scratch. Contact a professional solar installation service to get the help you need with the right renewable energy system for your home's power needs.